Thursday, September 10, 2009

Simple pleasures

I love knitting cables. I love working with gorgeous hand-dyed colorways. Sometimes I even love doing both at once. But sometimes...simple is better. I have quite a few cool and funky and interesting pairs of longies planned for my toddler for this fall/winter. But I also wanted to be able to dress him in a nice solid pair of "slacks" without having to give up our wool to do so. So I whipped up the plainest, simplest pair of longies I've ever done--solid navy blue Cestari with an elastic waist and a half-linen stitch cuff:

The XL brown Twisty Trousers are still in progress...I'm on the second leg but I haven't taken a picture since I took this one yesterday morning:

I also cast on the baby brother pair in Moss green last night since the brown pair is too big to fit in my project bag now and I needed a small project to take with me last night. I'm hoping to get a ton of pictures of that pair as I work on them so I can use the pictures for my Twisty Trousers pattern, which is getting closer and closer to completion.

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