Sunday, November 29, 2009

A few updates

I have a few things still listed at Capella:

A newborn Twisty Trousers Santa set:

An infant size cable-knit Santa hat:

Toddler longies:

I also have these lovely soft and snuggly hand-knit and hand-dyed women's socks listed at Their Own Knitted World:

I am in the process of updating my customs list. January is filled already, but I will be adding February spots soon, at either Capella or Their Own Knitted World. Keep your eyes peeled for them and grab them fast, because I will be cutting back a little on how many custom orders I will do each month. If you miss a spot and are looking for Twisty Trousers, check out my list of licensed Twisty Trousers Knitters. There are now three other talented knitters able to make Twisty Trousers for you!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Capella Congo Grand Opening!

I have been fortunate enough to "meet" a fabulous group of other knitters and crafters, and we will be opening a new congo on Hyena Cart tomorrow at 12pm Eastern: Capella! We will be stocking longies, hats, tees, dresses, collaborations, and a bunch of other adorable items. I will be stocking some new cable-knit longies and hats, as well as my first custom spot for the new year. Come check us out!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Licensed Cabbages and Kings Knitters

April at Pinkebody

Pinkebody on Hyena Cart
Pinkebody on Etsy
Pinkebody on Facebook


Cuddly Cables Sleep Sack Licensed Knitters

Tina at ELC Knits

ELC Knits on Hyena Cart

Mary at Lamb's Little World
Lamb's Little World on Hyena Cart


Meadow Lily Licensed Knitters

April at Pinkebody

Pinkebody on Hyena Cart
Pinkebody on Etsy
Pinkebody on Facebook

Laura at Teene Comforts

Teene Comforts on Hyena Cart

Heather at Bottomstoppers
Bottomstoppers on Hyena Cart

Melissa at Sweet T and Pickles
Sweet T and Pickles on Hyena Cart
Sweet T and Pickles at Serendipity

If you are interested in a custom order for any of these patterns, please contact me or one of these licensed knitters. Knitters who are not listed here are not approved Cabbages and Kings knitters. If you are interested in obtaining a cottage license, please contact me at