Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Knitting

In theory, Sunday is my day for personal knitting, but it rarely actually works out that way. This week is no exception, as I have a deadline quickly approaching for September's Their Own Knitted World stocking. So first I did manage to sneak in a few rows of something that's not only personal knitting, but knitting for me--a pair of socks! This yarn was custom dyed for me by my congo-mate Shelly of Bear & Pants to match a favorite baby wrap:

Those are two-at-a-time, toe-up socks and not a very small bikini.

I worked on Emily's Mosaic Moon scrappies for a good while last night and today, and will be starting the first leg tomorrow:

And finally I'm hoping to finish up this pair of newborn longies for the September TOKW stocking...this is Nurturing Threads' "Robin Hood" colorway on silky soft BFL: This will be part of a collaboration with Julie at apples + octopi and will include longies, an appliqued tee, and possibly a hat.

With any luck I will get caught up this week and actually have time to work on some longies for my own toddler next Sunday, but I'm not holding my breath yet.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Teeny Twisties

These sweet little newborn-size Twisty Trousers and matching hat were knitted with a lovely, soft, squishy kettle-dyed Malabrigo. They're on their way to their new home now to await the arrival of a special little baby boy.

Next up is a pair of scrappy pants for Emily's little girl, made from all of these scrumptious scraps from the Mosaic Moon Scrappy Club:

I'm also working on the longies for the September stocking at Their Own Knitted World; this month I'm doing boyish newborn longies on Nurturing Threads' "Robin Hood" colorway. This will once again be a collaboration with Julie of apples + octopi, who is whipping up an adorable shirt to go with the longies.

"Do you have a pattern?"

That (and variations of that) is by far the most common question I'm asked about Twisty Trousers: "Do you have a pattern?" "Where can I buy your pattern?" "Will you tell me how to make those?" "Can I be a test knitter for you?"

Until recently, no I didn't have a pattern. My "pattern" was sketches and scribbles and half-legible notes and calculations in a couple of notebooks. But lately I've been working hard at writing the patten. At this point it's in the hands of my test knitters for a first round of testing. Depending on how that goes (I do have revisions to make already) then the pattern will be available for sale in the near future. Eventually I'll be offering a few different cottage licensing options as well for anyone who would like to make Twisty Trousers for sale/customs.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Customs List

Instead of keeping a customs list months out, I will be stocking custom slots periodically at Their Own Knitted World or Capella. I will post here when a spot will be stocking soon. If you don't see an available spot and are interested in reserving one, please feel free to contact me by email at

**Custom/YYMN sports for May are available at Their Own Knitted World**

Customs List

Updated: 05/19/2011

1) Melissa

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'm blogging!

In an attempt to keep my customers informed about my progress and just for the sake of those interested in my process and progress and my life, I'm going to try to start blogging regularly. I'm usually terrible at all types of journaling, though, so bear with me!