Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Knitting

In theory, Sunday is my day for personal knitting, but it rarely actually works out that way. This week is no exception, as I have a deadline quickly approaching for September's Their Own Knitted World stocking. So first I did manage to sneak in a few rows of something that's not only personal knitting, but knitting for me--a pair of socks! This yarn was custom dyed for me by my congo-mate Shelly of Bear & Pants to match a favorite baby wrap:

Those are two-at-a-time, toe-up socks and not a very small bikini.

I worked on Emily's Mosaic Moon scrappies for a good while last night and today, and will be starting the first leg tomorrow:

And finally I'm hoping to finish up this pair of newborn longies for the September TOKW stocking...this is Nurturing Threads' "Robin Hood" colorway on silky soft BFL: This will be part of a collaboration with Julie at apples + octopi and will include longies, an appliqued tee, and possibly a hat.

With any luck I will get caught up this week and actually have time to work on some longies for my own toddler next Sunday, but I'm not holding my breath yet.

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