Sunday, November 29, 2009

A few updates

I have a few things still listed at Capella:

A newborn Twisty Trousers Santa set:

An infant size cable-knit Santa hat:

Toddler longies:

I also have these lovely soft and snuggly hand-knit and hand-dyed women's socks listed at Their Own Knitted World:

I am in the process of updating my customs list. January is filled already, but I will be adding February spots soon, at either Capella or Their Own Knitted World. Keep your eyes peeled for them and grab them fast, because I will be cutting back a little on how many custom orders I will do each month. If you miss a spot and are looking for Twisty Trousers, check out my list of licensed Twisty Trousers Knitters. There are now three other talented knitters able to make Twisty Trousers for you!

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