Sunday, September 20, 2009

Almost caught up!

Last week, I finished these gorgeous brown Twisty Trousers:

And then I found out that I had misread my emails and had done them in the wrong cable pattern! Luckily I had more of this yarn on hand and was able to knit a new pair without ripping this pair completely out. Therefore, this pair will be available soon at Their Own Knitted World!

I knitted as fast as I possibly could this week and managed to get both pairs done for Ronda without
too much of a delay.

Medium Twisty Trousers in Moss green Cestari:

And the correct brown pair, XL braided cable Twisty Trousers:

And both pairs together--won't these look cute on big brother and little brother?

This weekend I have been working on the semi-custom order from September's Nurturing Threads stocking at Their Own Knitted World. This is "Wicked Rainbow":

I hope to be done in a couple of days and then move on to Laura's newborn/small Twisty Trousers.

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