Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick update, no pictures

My camera needs to be charged, and I can't seem to remember to plug it in until I'm doing something else...like writing a blog post about how my camera needs to be charged.

I finished the longies for my toddler, so yay for his third pair of mama-made longies for this coming fall/winter! They're just very plain solid navy blue Cestari, but they'll be perfect as "slacks" or "jeans" depending on what shirt he has on with them.

I'm halfway through the leg of the XL brown Twisty Trousers for Rhonda! Hoping to finish them by tomorrow evening but I'm a bit under the weather this week and that has slowed me down some.

And now I swear I'm going to submit this post and go straight over to plug my camera in!

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